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Kiran Dhillon, PhD

Twitter: @Indigal9

A geneticist by training and general science enthusiast by nature!

I am the Director of Scientific Programs for the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer where I oversee all things scientific including an international scientific grants program, a biennial scientific symposium, scientific input for our community education program and more. Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Fred Hutch where I studied the genetics of drug resistance in breast and ovarian cancers. In addition to my role as postdoctoral researcher, I co-founded Hutch United, an organization that promotes under-represented and other minorities in the sciences. In Hutch United I played a key role in developing mentorship programs, postdoc and graduate student fellowships and seminar series. Outside of science, I was the Director of the Seattle South Asian Film Festival in 2015 and 2016. As director, I oversaw programming, sponsorship, marketing and organization of the 11-day international film festival.

Education: BS in Biology from Western Washington University & PhD in Genetics from the University of Washington

Note: All opinions expressed on this site are mine alone, unless otherwise indicated.

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